Thursday, July 6, 2017

Checking In

After burning some sage and applying some sacred oils, it appears that my laptop's machine spirit has been appeased enough to allow for some blogging. Not much to report since the last post; we had another baby right before Christmas, and my hobby corner was inaccessible/totally disorganized due to a prolonged ceiling leak and subsequent roof repairs. I'm also taking the opportunity to do a bit of a hobby reevaluation and reorganization, since decades of buying minis has led to a lot of stalled and/or abandoned projects. The grand Rogue Trader/Oldhammer 40K project will continue on, as ever, supplemented/rejuvenated by Shadow War: Armageddon. Strange feeling to buy a new GW product, and now I'm feeling tempted by some of the 8th edition 40K stuff (I really need to get strict with myself about painting my current minis before acquiring more).

Anyway, Shadow War got me thinking of Necromunda (surprising, I know), and now an old friend and I are kicking the tires on playing some Necromunda in the near future. We're both a bit rusty on painting, so we're just in the "building and acquiring" terrain stage for now. I'm working on repainting some scatter terrain at the moment, since you can never have enough cover. Hopefully have some pictures by the weekend, and more frequent blog updates after that.


  1. Ooh, yes please! I caught the Necromunda bug hard after buying Shadow War and attending Kublacon.