Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Set New Coordinates...

In the not so grim darkness of the very near future...

I'm moving house! My lovely girlfriend and I are moving into a lovely apartment with a very lovely little office that gets lots of sunlight. In the interim, this will unfortunately require me to pack up my hobby projects and materials. I may try to keep a few minis and paints out to work on when I have a spare moment, but it's hard to justify such frivolities when there's so much other work to do. First world problems.

This is a bit of a placeholder post, as I had hoped to update in March, but scouring the online classifieds, viewing apartments, and beginning to purge and pack took most of my attention. I've been giving a lot of thought to how to pursue my Rogue Trader project. I can't seem to stop acquiring suitable models, GW and otherwise, so I'll have a nice variety of forces to choose from. I may roll up a random scenario using the scenario generator and assemble models and scenery according to that. I'm still mulling over whether to go "pure" Rogue Trader, using only the original rulebook, or add in rules and army lists from the various supplements, of which there are many. Regardless of which iteration of the vehicle or robot rules I choose, I think I definitely want to keep marines Toughness 3 with a 4+ save, it just seems truer to the rulebook's artwork that way.

Well, that's it for now. I should hopefully resume regular blogging once I've settled in and fully unpacked at the new place.

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