Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Primary Objective

January 15th. A bit late for a "New Year's Resolution"-type of post. In my experience, calling something a "resolution" is pretty much damning it to failure anyway, so let's call this a declaration of objectives. I've long been a slow painter with a short attention span, so my main objective for 2014 is to paint 100 miniatures. 100 miniatures pales in comparison to some people's yearly output, but I think it will make for a reasonable starting goal (we'll see where I'm at by July). I got burned out when painting Orks and Imperial Guard for 4th and 5th edition, but pursuing this goal from an Oldhammer perspective should allow me to avoid that by focusing on creating warband-style forces of 10 to 30 models. Additionally, I will switch things up by painting a creature or terrain piece for every 5 infantry models I paint, which should give me an incentive to finish off the grunts.

My first Rogue Trader force is going to be a band of orks, primarily built from the classic Space Ork Raiders boxed set. Two of them were seen in a previous post, and I've painted an additional four. The goal is to have roughly 30 of them, organized in squads of 5, with a smattering of command and heavy weapons figures to season. I've also got a "Killer"-class dreadnought (still on the lookout for a "Super-Attack Onslaughter" model, though).

It begins.

After the orks are ready, I've got some space marines and mercs/adventurers on the agenda.

Sweet, sweet beakies.

A truly motley crew.

As my reward for finishing my fifth ork, I painted a Reaper Bones Great Worm. I went for a "sandworm" look; I drybrushed several layers of Citadel and P3 paints (Charadon Granite, Gun Corps Brown, Rucksack Tan, Hammerfall Khaki, and Bleached Bone) culminating in a Devlan Mud wash. I don't know how much the end result benefits from all those layers, but it was a fun figure to paint. This beast will serve as a burrowing GM-controlled creature.

Two of my recent orks about to run afoul of the worm.

Luckily, reinforcements arrive for the boyz!

I still need to paint the bases on my new orks and worm, but I'm going to wait until I have a few more models painted so that I can do it en masse. Time to paint some more orks! 'Ere we go!

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